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System-wide SSH login notifications with Pushbullet

I recently found about Pushbullet, a service and set of applications which allows you to share notifications and other text messages between your devices. They also provide a convenient API, making it easy to send notifications from scripts or other programs.

In a quest to secure my personal server, I wanted to get a notification for each SSH login. I found some solutions online, but they weren’t waterproof (relying on per-user .profile modifications) or were a bit too hackish for my taste (actively tailing auth.log).

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Static is the new dynamic

Once again, I decided to move my blog over to a new home. Making use of the opportunity, I’ve switched technologies to what all the cool kids seem to be using: Jekyll, a Ruby application for generating static HTML sites.

By forking an existing theme, all the boilerplate was already taken care of. I picked Lanyon for its looks and simplicity, and managed to get a basic blog up and running in minutes – almost as advertised.

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